2RAR officers following the granting of the Freedom of Fort Victoria to the battalion October 1979


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  • 1RAR officers mess bar

    1RAR officers mess bar

  • Fire Force Charlie, based out of Rutenga FAF in 1979

    Fire Force Charlie, based out of Rutenga FAF in 1979

  • 1RAR officers 1981

    1st Battalion The Rhodesian African Rifles Officers 1981. Back Row L-R 2/Lt John Wynne Hopkins, Capt Ken Alexander, Lt Max Chinyangania, Lt Simon Mundingi. Middle Row L-R Lt Rufu Mutandwa, Lt Andy Todd, Lt Willard Fleetwood, Lt David Hill, Capt Basil Clarke, Lt Dave Grant (Queens Colour) Lt Jo Mukaro (Regimental Colour) Capt Dicky Momsen,...

  • Major Tony Lee

    From Pat Lawless, Chairman the RAR Regtl Assn. It is with deep sadness I report the passing of Major Tony Lee, who died after a short though remarkable battle with cancer at 4.30am yesterday (Mon 17 July 2017), in the UK. Remarkable because of his tenacity and spirit in confronting what he saw was a...

  • Funeral Of Brian Oliver Friday 6th January 2017 2pm

    Offer of Free Accommodation – Funeral of Brian Oliver, Friday 6 January 2017 Elaine (Brian’s stepdaughter) has been in touch: a generous friend of the Oliver family is making available three double rooms at a nearby guest house for the night of the funeral (6 Jan 17); please call Elaine on +44 (0)7543 224147, quoting...