At National Memorial Arboretum 19th July 2015

At National Memorial Arboretum 19th July 2015


My wife, Yvonne, and I were privileged to attend the unveiling of the RAR Memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday 19 July. It was a day to remember the amazing contribution of the RAR in both World Wars, the Malayan War and the Rhodesian War. It was a special time to remember those of their number that had fallen, and to acknowledge those who had contributed with amazing courage. The dedication by the Army Chaplain was sensitive and pertinent. One of the proud soldiers prayed, another read a verse from The Fallen, a poem by Robert L. Binyon and one, who was honoured with a long awaited medal, unveiled the plaque with dignity. The Marquee Lord Salisbury delivered a stirring tribute with honesty and passion. The Last Post was played as the Standards were lowered, with Rivali rounding it up. The proud warriors of the RAR then ended by singing “Sweet Banana”, with the crowd joining in. A fly past of two Alouette 3 helicopters ended the proceedings. To say no tears were shed would be a lie. Old friendships were rekindled, new ones forged. An amazing day to be remembered, to be sure. We are truly “proud to be Rhodesian”.


Clive & Yvonne

Clive & Yvonne

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