Chibaya Moyo and our selected book cover.

Chibaya Moyo Book

Our Publisher has just advised us that, in order for the book to be ready for launching at the unveiling of the RAR Memorial in the UK in July, we have to close the collection of anecdotes one month earlier than planned.
Therefore, if you are writing, please would send your material to us by 28 February. That includes the final two topics:
· The battle of Bulawayo (Entumbane)
· Leaving the RAR
None of us is a stranger to facing changing circumstances and we know you’re capable of meeting the challenge of this one.
Anecdotes on the final two topics (or any others) should be emailed to Russell on email *protected email* and I will copy in Andy Telfer. (Please include a brief pen picture of yourself too)

All the best,
Russell and Andy.


Herewith the latest update on the progress of Chibaya Moyo and our selected book cover.

We have just passed 160,000 words and now have an amazing book!

Since our last update, it has gained in historical context, in balance between ops and antics, and the artwork has developed beautifully. I’m not actually aware of a similar book to this; Chibaya Moyo has a character all of its own.

Remember, please, that this great book is dedicated wholly to raising funds for RAR Association projects such as the Memorial and Sweet Banana. The former will create a lasting memorial to our fallen brothers and the latter seeks to help those we left behind in Zimbabwe.

Become part of it! You are very, very welcome to join us and you may regret not doing so if you let this invitation pass.

We began with a list of topics and are now ready to move onto the penultimate pair:

16. Notable characters
17. In remembrance
As mentioned before, this list is a memory-jogger only; if you’d like to contribute to other topics, including any of the earlier ones, they are all open to you.


For anyone who missed the original post, herewith the salient details:

Our mission is to create an anthology of RAR stories, related by those who were there, in memory of our Regiment and especially our Fallen. After cost of publication, all proceeds will be donated to the RAR Association.

The title of the book will be “Chibaya Moyo”, and its sub-title “An Anthology of Rhodesian African Rifles Anecdotes”.

To make this a reality, we obviously need your help! We strongly encourage those among you who have anecdotes about your experiences to include them in this work by emailing them to us at:

*protected email* and *protected email*

Russell will illustrate Chibaya Moyo and Andy will edit it.

Some guidelines:

1. To help us create the chapter structure, we ask that you orientate your anecdote towards one of the topics listed below.
2. Contributions should be first-hand personal accounts, your own stories.
3. Ideally, they should be less than 1,000 words, maximum 1,500.
4. Please include the approximate date to help us sort them into chronological order.
5. This is about the RAR, not the Army in general. Try to capture something of the essence, the unique nature of our Regiment.
6. Photos are very welcome. For us to be able to use them in the book, they should please be sent as a .jpeg attachment to the email, not copied and pasted.

Calls for material will be made in the following sequence of topics:

1. Your first encounter with the RAR
2. Joining the RAR
3. Learning to speak chiShona and understanding the African culture
4. Regimental life
5. Dining in nights
6. Officers’ Mess antics
7. Fire Force
8. Ambushes
9. Observation Posts
10. External operations
11. Patrols
12. Parachuting
13. RAR soldiers as fighters
14. RAR soldiers as drivers, batmen and signallers
15. The unique character of the RAR soldier
16. Notable characters
17. In remembrance
18. The battle for Bulawayo (Entumbane)
19. Leaving the RAR

All contributors will be acknowledged in the book and, closer to publication, we’ll invite you to provide a brief pen-picture of yourself to place with your anecdote.

We request, both with the greatest of respect and to protect the integrity of our work, that you accept the following basic pre-conditions:
1. Anyone who contributes does so on the tacit understanding that they have assigned to us the right to edit and publish their contribution under the copyright of the book.
2. We will retain the right to determine what is ‘suitable’ for inclusion, any decision we make will be final and our rationale will remain confidential.

Communication will be through the medium of the RAR FaceBook page (Russell) and via email (Andy) for those not on FaceBook. Please feel free to forward this to anyone that you feel should receive it.

We will continue collecting anecdotes until 31 March 2015 and look forward very much to creating Chibaya Moyo with you.

With best wishes,

Russell Fulton and Andy Telfer.




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