For the RAR Dedication at National Memorial Arboretum

For the RAR Dedication at National Memorial Arboretum,  19 July 2015 By Suki V

RAR Dedication

Honouring you, our RAR
We come from places far
On bus, on train, in car…
In person or in spirit too
Giving all our due.
This day of dedication, we stand in awe
Of you brave men, some gone before.
We all of forces far and wide
Stand here with thoughts we cannot hide.
Our minds go back, we are right there…
The sounds, the smells, our hearts laid bare
You fought with pride
And in your bravery, some died
A mighty force that teamed as one
Supporting other forces too, to get the battles won
We stood and watched you march right past
With your proud beating hearts, always steadfast
And so this very special day,
We stand upright before this monument and say
We salute, remember, honour, thank you… at this wall
God bless you one and all.
Suki V

One comment on “For the RAR Dedication at National Memorial Arboretum
  1. Suki says:

    Thank you. I may not have been able to get there but I was in spirit. The bold, the brave. They caught our hearts as they marched past each time with heads, hearts ,voices raised in songs we will never forget. I salute you one and all. S

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