Funeral Of Brian Oliver Friday 6th January 2017 2pm

Offer of Free Accommodation – Funeral of Brian Oliver, Friday 6 January 2017

Elaine (Brian’s stepdaughter) has been in touch: a generous friend of the Oliver family is making available three double rooms at a nearby guest house for the night of the funeral (6 Jan 17); please call Elaine on +44 (0)7543 224147, quoting ‘Pat Lawless’.  First come, first served!


Funeral Of Brian Oliver Friday 6th January 2017 2pm

I am deeply saddened to have to tell you that Brian Oliver – a true Rhodesian and friend of the RAR – passed away in Gloucestershire at 2am on 1 December 2016.

As a Senior Civil Servant in Ian Smith’s RF Government, Brian was witness (and contributed much) to many of the milestone events in Rhodesia’s history; as a soldier, he continued his experience as an Indian Army infantryman (The Madras Regiment) in WW2 to his work as a Major in the RIC.

He was a loyal and hardworking member of the Rhodesian Army Association (RAA) Committee; I recall he and the lovely Averil (Ian Smith’s former Secretary) spending their weekends navigating the Cotswold bus systems just to be with us as we untangled the ‘Collection’, pausing occasionally to describe the context to some of the important documents as they were revealed.

Brian’s life was captured in the RAA Oral History project; as importantly, a wonderful article on his life is at the BBC website at: )

from which I repeat his end statement:

“But, we miss the sunshine, the wide open spaces and the brilliance of the sky at night with the Milky Way so bright and clear; and our hearts are still very much in Zimbabwe, or should I say Rhodesia, with the African bush and its people which I learned to love.”

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