Tribute to the RAR

Those fighting men of the RAR

longest serving Regiment by far

Their history spread through many a year

they fought with pride, showing no fear

Egypt, Malaya, Congo then Rhodesia

marching and singing , made it easier.

Shaw Barracks at Balla Balla

harsh countryside ,with very little colour

It’s where they practised their shooting skills

then later with Fireforce scored many kills

Their company mascot; a goat called I’nduna

had the respect of every single Masodja.

They patrolled the Zambezi and valley below

their skill in tracking we soon came to know

Led by Officers and senior NCO’s

into battles, and to seek out our foes

Many brave soldiers with medals to show

still proudly displayed; row upon row.

Sweet Banana; their song of choice

sung by all, with such fine voice

Heart gripping, tear jerking, harmonising song

still listened to now, after the Battalion has gone

We will never forget the role they played

That supreme sacrifice they all made.

Written by Glen Ashmead


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  2. we s says:

    so beautiful and brings back memories of such brave men. i remember as a child watching them arrive at Sby railway station after their stint in Malaya.

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