The New Rhodesia Forum (NRF) and the Rhodesian African Rifles Regimental Association (RAR gibsonRegtl Assn) are pleased to jointly announce the successful conclusion of a project to restore the water supply of a former RAR soldier in Zimbabwe.

Gibson Nkala was a former member of both the 1stand 2nd Battalions of the Rhodesian African Rifles, remaining with the Regiment until retirement post-Independence in Zimbabwe. Gibson retired onto a small plot on the outskirts of Bulawayo near Chipingali wildlife orphanage. His water supply comes from a single borehole but output has been decreasing over the years to the extent he barely had enough water for domestic use, or for the management of his smallholding.

The Sweet Banana Fund (via Mrs Jennifer Upton) approached the NRF to suggest they re-focus their fundraising to raise the estimated US$ 2,000 necessary for the restoration work. The funds were raised, work commenced in mid-2016 and we are pleased to announce that – again – water flows. Gibson Nkala was clearly touched by the effort expended to help him and he has written to express his deep gratitude to all involved in raising funds and coordinating the project.

We jointly commend and thank those who worked so tirelessly to see this project through to its successful conclusion: Roy Amm and the membership of the NRF, the Sweet Banana Fund, Keith Adams of the RAR Regtl Assn who coordinated the project, and to Reg Stevens and Rob Anderson on the ground. To Russell Fulton whose support via the RAR Facebook Page was key to publicising the project. And biggest ‘thanks’ – of course! – to those who so generously donated money.

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