RAR Regimental Association

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Did you serve in one of the six RAR Independent Companies? Were you RAR-attached to one of the Rhodesia Regiment territorial battalions? Or were you in 1RAR, 2RAR, 3RAR, or at Depot RAR at Balla Balla? Perhaps your husband, partner, father, brother or son wore the RAR badge?

If so, there is a home for you in RAR Regimental Association. Based in the UK, it is the custodian of the Colours and the RAR Memorial in Staffordshire, which was dedicated last year. Annual membership of only £10 includes you in the warm fellowship of the RAR family, gets you a subscription to Nhowo – published twice a year – and helps to ensure that the Association’s custodial duties can be fulfilled.

Join now by contacting David Heppenstall at *protected email* . We look forward to your membership.

RAR Memorial in Staffordshire

RAR Memorial in Staffordshire

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